Jenni Le Forestier moved to Belfountain with her family over a decade ago. She has not stopped serving the communities of Dufferin-Caledon since. Holding governments to account, she led the Belfountain Community Organization and served on the Town of Caledon Heritage Committee. Over the years, Jenni has worked tirelessly to protect the beautiful landscapes we call home, building movements against projects threatening water, farmland, and heritage.
Leading a better path forward – on Highway 413, the Water Treatment Plant, the James Dick Pit, and more – Jenni stands up for her neighbours. Now, it is time to put her to work as our Member of Parliament. Be a part of her campaign by donating, volunteering, requesting a lawn sign, and pledging your vote. She is a mom, community leader, and activist. She is an avid hiker, music teacher, and third degree black belt in Aikido. In other words… Jenni will be the nicest fierce defender we’ll ever have in Ottawa.


Social Media:

Facebook:  @dcgreens

Instagram: @jleforestjpc

Twitter: @jenni_forestier

TikTok: @jleforestjpc