Holmes Appliance and Music Shop

Family Business

Holmes Appliances and Music ShopHolmes Appliances grew up and evolved with the community. Greg Holmes’s father Mervin started out more than 50 years ago, selling appliances and tractors. He’d hire out Greg and his brothers to cut and bale hay and demonstrate the new farm machinery he sold. He built his own building outside of town in 1981 and a few years later, Greg and his wife Heather took over. “We let dad retire,” said Greg. “We wanted to switch away from farm machinery to furniture.”

With the town growing and families maturing the furniture and appliances combination was a better fit in the market. “We wanted to move into town for more visibility on the main street.” That’s when Holmes Appliances put the focus on white goods but there was another step to come in the evolution.

Honouring the Muse

Having grown up in “Fiddleville” Greg always had a passion for music and had learned to play the fiddle, guitar, banjo, drums, piano… and a few years ago he added musical instruments to his offering… Holmes Appliances became Holmes Appliances and Music Shop.

Community Involvement

Greg has long been one of the people the community relies on to get things done. He was president of the BIA, and serves on many local committees including FiddleVille, Fiddle Park, Economic Development and Canada Day. He also gets a kick out of entertaining. He plays and sings for the people at Shelburne Residence, and the Oaks, two seniors homes in the community.

“Last night some friends of mine and I played at Shelburne Residence and that made me feel real good… people smiling, tapping their toes to the music.”

Real Value

Holmes appliance prices always include delivery and setup. If anything goes wrong, people can call up and talk directly to Greg who knows the appliances, knows where they live, knows what service people to call if necessary, and, in short, someone who can take care of things right away. “There’s a lot to be said about dealing with people at home.”