Headwaters Racquet Club: A Beacon for Fitness & Sport Enthusiasts | Written by: Camila C.

In between Orangeville and Amaranth, a family’s passion for tennis and squash blossomed into a thriving community hub. Headwaters Racquet Club, established by the Greenwood family, has become a beacon for fitness enthusiasts and tennis and squash lovers alike. The club began with a simple goal: year-round access to tennis and squash. Kerri Greenwood, now the club’s manager, recalls how her family’s love for outdoor racquet sports sparked the idea. Recognizing a gap in the local market, they decided to create a space where people in the community could enjoy these activities regardless of the season.

Since its launch, Headwaters has undergone significant growth as well. What started as a modest facility focused primarily on tennis and squash has expanded to include a Strength & Conditioning Fitness program, two golf simulators, and plans for a dedicated Pickleball building on the horizon. The club’s evolution clearly reflects its commitment to meeting the community’s changing needs. Today, members can take advantage of its many services, such as a main gym area, four indoor squash courts, four indoor and outdoor tennis courts, Pickleball facilities, and two golf simulators. One of their unique offerings is the Kids Club, where parents can drop off their children while they work out or enjoy a game. Additionally, their Strength & Conditioning Program caters to all fitness levels, embodying the club’s inclusive approach. Community engagement is at the core of Headwaters’ philosophy.

The club regularly organizes fundraisers for the local hospital and supports many local sports teams. This commitment to giving back has shown Headwaters as a valued partner of the community. Looking to the future, the club is also excited about its upcoming projects. Plans are underway for a standalone Pickleball building, set to house six courts, further expanding the club’s offerings. The club is also forging new partnerships, including a collaboration with The Hill Academy to provide tennis programs for their athletes. Greenwood emphasizes that Headwaters’ long-term vision is to be the go-to destination in town for families seeking a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. The club strives to cultivate a welcoming, family-friendly environment where members of all ages can come together to stay active and have fun!

As Headwaters Racquet Club continues to grow, it remains true to its roots- a family-driven initiative aimed at fostering the community’s health. With its wide range of activities, strong community ties, and promising plans, Headwaters is set to remain a key player in Dufferin County’s health and recreational scene for the future.

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