George Grutca

My name is George Grutca, and I am your candidate for Deputy Mayor of Amaranth.

I was born and raised in Romania, where I played on the Railway rugby club and worked as a train engineer. In 1978, I fled the communist dictatorship with my family, determined to set down roots in a country that values freedom and opportunity. We arrived in Canada with very little money and a small network of support.

But we worked hard.

I put myself through trade school and learned English in the evenings, while working full-time during the day.

Eventually, my wife and I saved up enough money to buy property on 15th sideroad in Amaranth.

We built our dream home there in the 1980s. This is where we built up a small farm and raised our daughter and son.

Today, I am an HVAC technician and a union leader, where I have fought on behalf of hard working Canadians for the last 20 years.

Canada and Amaranth have been good to my family. I am proud to call this township home. And I am excited to work hard for you – the taxpayers of Amaranth – to help our community reach its full potential!