Gail Little

I have served on Amaranth Council since 2014.  As a proud, long-term resident of the Township, I have learned a lot and appreciate the work that goes into keeping the Township functioning smoothly and successfully.

Many years ago, as a city raised girl, I was able to purchase my first 100-acre property in Amaranth and started down the long winding road of becoming a farmer.  Of course, off farm income was required which I earned in the heavy construction industry.  With many ups and downs along the way, I am happy and privileged to share my growing agricultural operation with the second and third generations of my family.

Amaranth Township has the most land in agricultural production within Dufferin County.  It is important that we continue to support and strengthen this important part of our economy.   We also have four new residential communities under development along with plans for some commercial and industrial designated lands.  With this growth and the rapid development that is occurring within our neighbouring municipalities, we will be faced with increased demands on our shared services such as recreation centres, libraries, fire services and police protection as well as more traffic on most of our roads.

The next four years will be challenging as we meet the needs of these growing communities.   My experience on council, in business and in agriculture will serve our township appropriately as we address the changes that we know will be necessary to meet the demands ahead.  If elected Deputy Mayor of Amaranth, I will provide a strong voice and positive impact as a member of Dufferin County Council.

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