Frank Flood

Mono is our home
26 years ago our growing family had the good fortune to put down roots in the rolling hills of Mono. We enjoy the magic of 10 acres set against the Niagara Escarpment.

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and organic gardening are only some of the activities that help bond us as a family and develop a deep connection to the land.

In my 40 years with the airline, I have had the privilege to represent individuals, groups of workers, my company, and Canada. The last 21 years as a Captain and my role as a Flight Technical Pilot have exercised my critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Skills I can share
Excellent Communicator
Complex Problem Solver
Confidence, Positive Attitude, and Self Discipline
Effective Leadership
Emotional and Cultural Intelligence
Flexibility and Adaptability
Team Working and Collaboration
Time Management

I want to serve
Public issues I’d like to examine for you:
The Mono budget: Is more public input needed?
Mono financed clubs: Review funding to ensure all constituents are receiving value.
Additional and attached dwellings: Are current permitting policies working for us?
Noise and road dust: What can be done?
Parking and enforcement: Have we gone far enough to decongest our roads?
Road surfaces: Is there a medium or long-term plan to decide which roads remain gravel or become paved?
What more can we do to reduce speeding and reckless driving?
Most importantly, what are your concerns about the Town? Please contact me and I will listen.
519-942-9014 [email protected]

Elect Frank Flood Mono Councillor”