Every young job seeker has the exact same hope – that someone will take a chance on them and give them a job. It’s never been easy to enter the workforce, and the hopes and fears are the same as ours were, but the outcomes are considerably different.


Youth unemployment in Canada at a high, nearly double the rate for the entire workforce, proving those aged 16-30 are struggling to enter the workforce and maintain employment. Many of our local youth understand this first-hand.


The reasons are as wide-ranging and diverse as youth themselves, but the most common concerns are increasing competition, lack of experience and limited connections.


At Georgian’s Career and Employment Community Services (CECS), 48 local youth will have access to the Step Up program, funded by the Government of Canada to develop basic and advanced employment skills. Youth participate in workshops focusing on communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, understanding business culture while strengthening their teamwork skills and preparing for on-the-job experience with local employers.


Consider hiring a motivated youth, and you will find yourself with an employee who is flexible, brings a fresh perspective and ideas to your business. This valuable on-the-job experience will allow youth participants the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills gained during the workshops.


Georgian’s CECS Step Up program will fully fund minimum wage for ten weeks at 35 hours per week for work experience placements. Funding is available for businesses, not-for-profits and public sector organizations to prepare youth for successful employment.


For more information on how to hire Youth, call Darlene at 519.942.9986 ext. 5618, or visit us at The Edelbrock Centre, 30 Centre St., Orangeville.