2019 Dufferin-Caledon People’s Party of Canada

Chad Ransom

Chad Ransom

My name is Chad Ransom I am not your typical candidate, some may even call me a wild card. As a life long resident of Dufferin-Caledon I decided to represent the Peoples Party of Canada because it was a new party and would allow me to explore policies I would like to see be presented to the House of Commons.

I never had dreams or aspirations to be a Member of Parliament, I was just a guy that was tired. Tired of people making decisions without a clue of the real life in Canada. I have continued to work through out this campaign as I cant afford not to. I have my in laws living with me because they have been let down by Canadian Pension Plan, I have four great children who depend on there Dad to hold it together.

The current government and past governments have let me down as a special needs father. What they were not counting on is that every parent of special needs know how to fight for our kids because we do it daily. I have not seen one party take a stance on the increasing number of special needs children in our country and what we will do to care for them. I plan to be that voice.

I am passionate and determined to do what is right for our county without fear of being kicked from a certain political party.

I am here to be different not a puppet.

I am here because I am a father first above all else.

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