Elaine Capes

We relocated our family here in 2005 from Greek Town in Toronto wanting to raise our girls in a rural setting so they could run free and learn in and from nature, much the same way we did as children.

I am running because I have a passion for Mono and a desire to serve. Mine is not a fleeting interest as people will see by my qualifications and involvement posted on my website elainecapes.ca As councillor I will be a citizens’ voice to protect the investment we all make to live here, to preserve the landscape, and to ensure transparency and accountability of operations and senior management.

Mono and our residents face pressures from growth in surrounding areas increasing costs for service provision and the impact this has on Mono Citizen’s taxes; we face increased traffic and the threat to safety on our roads as more people use Mono as a thoroughfare, along with increased policing and EMS costs that this brings; we face pressure on our natural environment as increased visitors and activity also brings the burden of investing our tax dollars to keep Mono healthy for future generations of all living things.

I will work for Mono and its citizens to keep MONO beautiful, safe and affordable, respecting everyone’s rights to peaceful enjoyment of their property in a manner that preserves why we all chose to live here.

[email protected]
705-718-5220 dedicated phone line for the campaign