Dufferin Board of Trade Speaker Registry – Venue Application

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Venue and Caterer Registry

The Dufferin Women in Business, a committee of the Dufferin Board of Trade (DBOT), is seeking to create an inventory of suitable and interested venues, caterers and restaurants in which to host events.

Dufferin Women in Business is a women’s networking group established in 2001 that supports and facilitates female business leaders in building their network, connecting with community, and growing their business.

The group meets monthly from September – June (excluding December), at either lunch or evening events, and attendance varies from 25-60 guests, with an average of approximately 40. Events feature networking and a guest speaker.


    To accommodate the group, venues need to offer the following:

  • Minimum seating capacity of 40; and
  • Location in or near Dufferin County.

The meal should be a light meal, such as wraps and soup, or similar, and can be served buffet style. Allergies and dietary restrictions (such as vegetarian or celiac meals) should be accommodated if possible. Pre-registration is required for the event, and final numbers, including any dietary restrictions identified, will be provided to the venue prior to the event.

Payment will be made by the Dufferin Board of Trade. The budget is $16-$18 per person inclusive of any room rentals, fees, and gratuities.


Catering businesses are welcome to submit an application to provide food only for the event, taking into account the budget implications of separate room rental costs. Please include all dishware, cutlery, etc., that will be required with your quote, and delivery to a local venue.

Dufferin Board of Trade

Preference will be given to members in good standing with the Dufferin Board of Trade, but DBOT reserves the right to award this contract to non-members.

Listing A Venue or Service


All information provide on the form will be for Dufferin Board of Trade (DBOT) and Dufferin Women in Business Internal use only. We understand and appreciate that you may offer DBOT non-profit and/or preferred pricing in support of our community betterment initiatives and in recognition of the publicity you will receive from this event. As such, we will not disclose any pricing information you provide with anyone outside our organization.