Research and Reports

The Dufferin Board of Trade works in partnership with the policy team at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to advocate for a more business friendly atmosphere in Ontario. The OCC is Ontario’s largest, most inclusive, and credible business network and they undertake research on Ontario’s most pressing policy issues from a business perspective. This research is used to propose and advocate for solutions that will foster the growth of Ontario businesses and lead to the creation of jobs in the province. The OCC’s policy work is evidence-based and driven by their members. As a member of the Dufferin Board of Trade your business will benefit from the advocacy efforts.

2018 Ontario Economic Report

A comprehensive analysis of data and emerging trends on the economic health of the province.

Steering Through Change

A Handbook to Help Ontario Businesses Understand and Manage Bill 148.

Vote Prosperity 

The 2018 Election Platform of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.