Bradley Mayer-Harman

Hello, my name is Brad, I am an active community member who is dedicated to supporting my family and yours.My entire life I have lived in and around mono. Growing up in the small village of Cheltenham, I know how important community is.
I was born and raised by a widowed mother with 3 siblings, I started working on a farm as early as 12 years old and haven’t stopped working since.
I raise my 2 kids, a dog, a cat, & 2 guinea pigs with my beautiful wife Lianna in the Purple Hill community.
I suspect I am the youngest person to ever run for this position at the age of 35 years old, but I am doing it because I believe I can bring forth a lot of positive change to our local government.
I was on the honours roll when I graduated from the Goodman school of business and I run a successful Real Estate Team and employ 5 people.
My experience in the governance of non-profit organizations is extensive. Having served as the President of the Brampton Real Estate Board in 2015 and then as the Central Regional Director for the Ontario Real Estate Association from 2017-2021 I served our 80,000+ members as the youngest director ever.
I also participate in local petitions and am part of the group of dads who set up the local ice rink for the families in my neighbourhood.
I am invested in my community and in this town and I would like to use my youth and experience to the benefit of all the families that live here.
My last name is ‘Mayer-Harman’ because I share my wife’s last name Mayer not because I am hoping to be the Mayor as so many think when I meet them at the door.
I understand a lot of you may not know me yet but I hope to have the chance to show you how my hard work will make a positive impact in our community.
I am easy to find or contact and you can find all my information on my website or on any of my social media channels.
I truly hope to have the honour to represent you all for the next 4 years as your town councillor.

Warm regards,
Bradley Mayer-Harman