FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mono, Ontario – Friday, March 24, 2017


Adamo Estate Winery is pleased to announce that they will no longer be using bird banger/cannons for bird abatement in the vineyard.


While the winery initially had no intention of utilizing cannons, they did explore and exhaust all bird abatement practices available and suffered an 80% crop loss. That loss could not have been predicted and no farmer would find such a loss acceptable nor sustainable.


They are aware, however, that the noise from the cannons was not only disturbing to residents, but to the guests at their sister property Hockley Valley Resort.


In good faith, and as promised, Adamo Estate Winery has done their part and the cannons are now a thing of the past. They have now added new-to-Canada technology and will be the only vineyard in Canada to employ this robust and multi-faceted bird abatement program.


Unfortunately, over the past seven months, Adamo Estate Winery has been subject to vandalism, slander, negative blogs, petitions, anonymous threatening letters and the like attempting to stop the use of the cannons. Shocking behavior at best and unthinkable here in this peaceful region. It is their absolute expectation that this will cease immediately.


Adamo Estate Winery is a vibrant young winery and despite its infancy continues to win global awards and produce outstanding wines. Along with its sister property Hockley Valley Resort, who has been in business for over 30 years in Mono, they are sustainable, forward thinking companies, giving back to the region through numerous fundraising and philanthropic efforts, significant employment and attracting positive awareness and tourism revenue to the Headwaters Region.



Media Contact: Shannon Smith

Director, Marketing

Adamo Estate Winery

[email protected]