BEA Bio Westend Family Chiropractic & Wellness


Westend Family Chiropractic & Wellness is very family oriented which enables our patients to make their family’s health a priority, while also focusing on their own. We offer individualized chiropractic care and registered massage therapy services at our multidisciplinary officr. From the moment you walk through our door you will feel a sense of belonging where you are addressed by name, people remember your health goals and those around you are genuinely interested in the happenings in your life. From a children’s play area, exercise equipment for stretching and enhancing spinal motion, an owl themed pediatric adjusting table and specialized adjusting tools for children we have developed our niche of helping the whole family- from the newborn and beyond. We have a genuine passion and desire to get our patients at their optimal health through natural healthcare measures.

Our united goal of strengthening the health of Dufferin County does not end within our four walls. We believe in helping beyond what our therapeutically trained hands have to offer. In March we held our 4th annual Women and Wellness event uniting over 60 women and featuring 4 local speakers. These evenings are hosted and sponsored by Westend Family Chiropractic and our own Dr. Carly Butterworth. Supporting the community through events like this, sponsorship of teams, events and organization, as well as hands on care of the members of the community is what we love most!!

An outsider might think that our clinic is solely health focused. In part this is true, however we truly are also family focused. Focused on you, focused on the ones you love and focused on making our community the healthiest it can be.