BEA Bio Orangeville Food Bank


The Orangeville Food Bank (OFB) has been supporting the community since 1991 when a small group of individuals got together to meet a need they saw in their town, some of whom are with us today. From those humble beginnings on Mill St. the Orangeville Food Bank has grown with the needs of the community.

We use a shopping model at the food bank which means people receive points based on how many people are in their family and spend points like dollars. Individuals come as many times in a month as they have points for. Dignity is that heart everything we do because it takes a lot of courage to come through our door.

We guarantee milk and eggs, 10-12 fresh fruits and vegetables and meats. 50% of what we distribute is fresh and perishable foods. In the month of August we served 692 individuals 35% are children, 61% are female lead households, 13% are seniors. Seniors are our fastest growing demographic.