BEA Bio Dani Austen

Dani Austen

Dani purchased The Land of the Glass Slipper in 2015, where she had worked as a Princess for many years. The owners recommended this challenging enterprise as they felt Dani, even at the age of 19, and a full time university student, was an excellent candidate who had several key attributes which would guarantee her success. Growing up in Orangeville Dani had benefited from the wealth of arts mentors in our community. The Land of the Glass Slipper incorporates the two things Dani is passionate about, music and working with young children. Dani believes life is a full circle when you can give back to the community who formed the person you are. Dani has leveraged her experience in music, instruments, theatre and vocals to connect with youth , which helps build confidence and stimulate curiosity as well as imagination among the children, she is constantly promoting positive self esteem. Dani is currently completing her Masters in Library and Information Sciences at the University of Western Ontario and is doing her coop in Lethbridge, AB. Her position is focused on diversity and accessibility as well as truth and reconciliation initiatives being promoted at the Public Library. She is excited to bring her skill sets back to her community upon graduation.