BEA Bio Aimee Whyton


Aimee Whyton is a Project Manager Assistant with Highland Restoration DKI. Aimee came to Highland after a 12 year career in retail and supply chain. Aimee’s decision to leave an established course which she had followed since being a teenager was not an easy one. Aimee came to Highland Restoration DKI with no exposure to construction or restoration. In the time that she has been with Highland Restoration DKI Aimee has evolved to be a force within the company. Aimee has broken glass ceilings for women in restoration with her eagerness to learn and grow in a heavily male dominated industry. She has helped hundreds of homeowners rebuild their lives through assisting her project manager through the trauma of property damage. Aimee supports and executes assigned initiatives and drives the company vision of community involvement and support. Aimee credits her daughter Jaelin with the motivation she has to set a powerful example of what a driven woman can do in any industry.