#ThinkLocal Advertising Bundles

2023 #ThinkLocal Advertising Bundles

#ThinkLocal Advertising Bundles help DBOT members save money on multi-channel local advertising. The program consists of a quarterly commitment and advertises your business on radio, newspaper, social media, our website and newsletter.  The power of bulk buying ads gives businesses more visibility (more impressions) for a lower monthly cost.  Reach new markets on various channels which may have been too expensive on your own.

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Package Details

Over a three-month period you will receive:

36 spots on Country 105 Radio

36 Spots on Orangeville’s Local Radio station

3 spots in the Orangeville Banner

3 spots in the Orangeville Citizen

3 ads in the DBOT Newsletter

3 monthly web banners on DBOT’s website

3 posts on DBOT’s Instagram

3 posts on DBOT’s Facebook

Complimentary creative and design work

2023 Pricing to come**