Dufferin Women in Business

Empowering Business! Creating Networking Opportunities! Women Meet and Connect!


Started in 2002, Dufferin Women in Business, (DWIB), has established itself as the premier local women’s group geared to help women network their business, connect with other like-minded individuals and grow in their professional lives.

DWIB is a committee of the Dufferin Board of Trade and offers opportunities on a monthly basis for women to “Build, Connect & Grow”.  We understand the importance of networking and more importantly “connecting”.  As women, it’s in our DNA to nurture relationships, understand the pressures and be supportive to each other. We have all heard the saying that people do business with people they know, like and trust, (and more importantly who they would refer), but remember – connecting is not about you, but who knows you!

The DWIB committee is a group of amazing volunteers who coordinate all aspects of the events through monthly meetings. To ensure women have the opportunity to attend, events are varied between luncheons and after 5’s. You don’t have to be a member of DBOT to attend, however, we encourage you to understand the benefits DBOT has to offer.

This year we held different events with a variety of topics including health, travel, tips on networking and are very excited about our full calendar of events for 2017. We encourage you to visit our website at http://dwib.ca/events/ for a complete listing of up-coming events and details on how to register.

Website: www.dwib.ca

 2017 Committee Members

Liz Skorski – DWIB  Chair
Skorski Web Design Inc

Nada St. Germain – DWIB Committee Member

Brenda Wartha – DWIB Committee Member
Budget Blinds

Elaine Traetto – DWIB committee Member
Tony’s Garage 

Teena Avery – DWIB committee Member
Elegant Professional Events & Marketing   

Linda Amour Grant – DWIB Committee Member
Lyngrant Financial Services

Marilyn Jensen – DWIB Committee Member
Criterium- Jansen Engineers

Nicole Beattie – DWIB Committee Member



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