2024 Responsible Business Nominees

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Attention To Detail Professional Cleaning Service

My name is Sarah, owner and team leader of Attention to Detail. I started Attention to Detail 4 years ago. We’ve grown to a team of 8 fantastic cleaners. We are reliable, honest and we ensure 5 star service is provided to every client we have. We service residential and commercial spaces. I am so proud of my team for their hard work and eye for Detail.

Morris Investigation Agency

The first and only full-service, woman-owned Private Investigation Agency in Dufferin County. Avidly pursuing justice and accountability for our clients with their best interests in mind.

Branching Out Support Services

Branching Out Support Services Inc (BOSS) is a social enterprise serving neurodiverse people and their chosen support circles. Firmly embedded in the community our theory of change is to provide meaningful, transparent, ethical services in Dufferin County and beyond. Services and engagements at BOSS include support programming for people across the lifespan with brain differences both in groups and one to one constructs. Keeping relationship building and community connection as highest potential outcomes our services consist of recreation, continuing education, employment support, life skills coaching and caregiver support, to name a few. A robust education and advocacy department ensures that public education, innovative practice and change making are rooted and evident in all we do. Most recently, BOSS launched a first of its kind mental health services dedicated to people with neurodiversity’s and caregivers/support professionals who are part of their circles. This trauma informed service is available nationally and our practitioners are ready to connect with people by phone, virtually or locally, in person. BOSS isn’t just a company – it’s a call to action for communities where we can all belong.

Everything detailing

The most diverse and professional car service in GTA! Mobile detailing for your comfort. We offer you a one stop shop. Personalized custom services catering to all your needs, when we are working on your vehicle, to us it’s like we are working on our vehicles. Our eye for detail and pride is what drives us to be the best in our industry.

SACB Consulting

SACB Consulting partners with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify strategies to reduce their carbon emissions and transition to the green economy. By offering end-to-end support we aim to empower clients to improve their environmental performance, enhance their reputation as responsible corporate citizens, and boost their social impact. The goal is to help SMEs achieve this in a way that aligns with their strategy and budget, and help them proactively work on building a resilient business before they’re mandated to do so.

Bella Cleans

We are a family owned and operated residential/commercial cleaning company with many years of experience in all your cleaning needs. Our mission is to provide the best cleaning experiences for all our customers at the most affordable rates while going above and beyond to assist families as their various needs require.

Lennox Farm

Lennox Farm is a family-owned and operated farm, growing a variety of delicious, nutrient dense produce, in Melancthon, Ontario. For five generations Lennox Farm has provided the community with access to healthy, fresh, local food. We are passionate about agriculture, education, protecting our land, and reducing our environmental impact. We strive to improve our farming practices each season so we can enhance the health of our land, our food, and the local community.


Dana Copeland Owner of Flaunt Salon and Spa in Orangeville, Ontario. I have been a stylist for 19 years, I am a mother of three boys, and was raised here in Dufferin County.

Pine River Institute

Pine River Institute (PRI) helps adolescents struggling with addictive behaviours and other mental health issues to reclaim their lives, their families, and their futures. Located in Horning’s Mills, Dufferin County, Ontario, PRI is the only program of its kind in Canada – primarily a live-in treatment centre and outdoor leadership experience for youth, ages 13 to 19. In addition, our Centre for Family Initiatives (CFI@PRI) extends PRI’s knowledge, experience and evidence-informed treatment model to the broader community, offering strategic learning opportunities for youth, parents/caregivers, educators, clinicians and agency staff to help more youth regain mental wellness and develop the tools they need to combat addictive behaviours.

Healthy Cravings Burger Bus

I am a holistic nutritionist and chef making burgers that are pure beef no fillers or additives direct from the farmers to your plate. We try to keep a low carbon footprint and make as much as we can to ensure quality and tasteful food. Our food is selected based on a low chemical and high nutrition.

JDC Custom Homes

JDC is a highly regarded and award winning company with a century of combined construction experience and over 35 years of combined design experience in Greater Dufferin and Southern Ontario. Our client-focused approach is grounded in a unique decision-making process that involves clients at every stage. We work closely with clients to interpret their ideas, develop plans, and transform those plans into dream projects that suit their lifestyles.

Hereward Farms

“Think Local” at Hereward Farms embodies a commitment to fostering a sustainable and supportive community through various local engagements and partnerships. This philosophy is not just about geographical proximity but about nurturing a network that benefits the local economy, environment, and the social fabric of East Garafraxa and surrounding areas. Here are some ways Hereward Farms puts this philosophy into practice: 1. **Participating in Local Events:** Hereward Farms actively engages with the community by participating in local farmers’ markets, festivals, and craft shows. These events are a platform for promoting the farm’s all-natural skincare and home products while interacting directly with the local community. Participation not only increases brand visibility but also supports local event organizers and contributes to the area’s vibrant community life. 2. **Partnering with Local Businesses:** Collaboration is key at Hereward Farms. By partnering with other local businesses, the farm can offer a wider range of products and experiences. For example, creating gift baskets that include products from local artisans like honey producers, ceramic artists, or local bakeries. These partnerships help circulate money within the local economy, boosting overall economic health and sustainability. 3. **Promoting Local Businesses:** Beyond direct partnerships, Hereward Farms promotes other local businesses through social media shoutouts, joint promotional events, and by sharing resources. This mutual promotion helps smaller businesses gain visibility and customers that they might not otherwise have access to. 4. **Sourcing Locally:** Whenever possible, Hereward Farms sources materials and supplies from local providers. Whether it’s packaging materials for products or ingredients for the farm’s onsite café, prioritizing local suppliers helps reduce the environmental impact and supports local businesses financially. 5. **Educational Outreach:** Hereward Farms often hosts workshops and tours on sustainable farming and the benefits of natural skincare. These activities educate the community on sustainable practices and encourage other local businesses and individuals to adopt similar practices. By embodying the “Think Local” philosophy, Hereward Farms not only contributes to the local economy but also strengthens community ties, supports environmental sustainability, and helps build a resilient local network that thrives on cooperation and mutual support. This approach ensures that as Hereward Farms grows, so does the community around it.